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Chinese Cuisine

China has one of the richest culinary heritages on Earth. Solid Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks, and liquid with a wide, flat-bottomed spoon (usually ceramic). Chinese consider having a knife at the table as barbaric, so most dishes are prepared in smaller pieces, ready for direct picking and eating. Unlike Western meals where meat protein is the main course of a meal, a source of carbohydrates (rice, mantou, noodles) is usually the main ingredient of a Chinese meal. Perhaps paradoxically, at a formal Chinese banquet, no rice at all may be served.

Because of the large and varied nature of China itself, Chinese cuisine can be broken down into very many different regional styles.

Chinese Buddhist cuisine
Northwestern Chinese cuisine
Yunnan cuisine
Northeastern Chinese cuisine
Cantonese cuisine
Chiuchow cuisine
Hakka cuisine
Hunan cuisine
Chinese Islamic cuisine
Shanghai cuisine
Sichuan cuisine
Taiwanese cuisine
Fujian cuisine
Hainan cuisine


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