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Scene Of Jiangxi Province

General Introduction

Jiangxi Province lies in the southeastern part of China, on the southern bank of the middle Yangtze River. It has an area of more than 160,000 square kilometers and a population of 82.7 million, of which 15.4 per cent live in the cities and the rest in he rural areas. It is a province with glorious revolutionary history, its places of historical interest including Jinggangshan, Ruijin, Nanchang and Anyuan.


Scenic Spots

Tengwang Pavilion
Jinggang Mountains

Jiujiang -- A Historic Military Stronghold
Nanchang -- City of revolutionary Tradition
Mount Lushan -- Summer Resort on the Yangtze
Xingzi -- Scenic Country


Jiangxi is high in the south and low in the north. It is bordered by hills and mountains, the land generally sloping towards Poyang Lake in the north. Hills and mountains exceed 60 per cent of the province's total area. The mountains are not high and have many natural passages facilitating its links with other provinces. The Mufu, Jiuling, Wugong and Wanyang mountains lie in the west; the Dayuling and Jiulian mountains in the south; the Huaiyu and Wuyi mountains in the east; and Lushan Mountain in the north. There are many red-soil hills and basins in the central-south. The Jian Basin in the middle and the Southern Jiangxi Basin in the south are major farming areas. The Poyang Lake Plain in the north is part of the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Plain. With numerous rivers and streams, fertile soil and a dense population, it is known as a "granary south of the Yangtze River". Lushan Mountain with its main peak towering 1,474 meters above sea level on the lakeshore is a famous tourist spot.


Jiangxi has a sub-tropical climate, warm and humid. It has a mean annual temperature of 16ºC-20ºC, increasing from north to south, and a mean annual precipitation of 1,300-2,000 mm. Nanchang is one of the hottest cities in China.


Jiangxi's transport network is composed of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Yingtan-Xiamen and Xiangtang-Jiujiang railways, trunk highway lines, the trunk stream of the Ganjiang, and the navigation channel in the Poyang Lake area.

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